Netflix for Sports

New user acquisition for a live sports streaming service


In 2016, FuboTV raised a large Series B round and struck deals with major television networks to scale their live soccer internet streaming service into a full-blown cable replacement. Due to the bundling nature of the network deals, we were sitting on a mountain of premium live-TV streams including FOX, NBC, ABC, etc. and needed a way to market it to new users.
Landing page by Hajin Choi, Browse by Lauren Kary, Onboarding & prototype by me

I was a UX designer at fuboTV from 2016-2017. I joined the team together at the same time as two other designers for a full design team of four. Working closely with product owners and the other designers, I took the responsibility of designing a new user funnel that would communicate the vast new product offering FuboTV would now have.

Collect Minimal Personal Info

  • Social / Email Login
  • Essential Fields Only
  • Pre-populate zipcode and Explain

Select Channels and Plan

  • Price anchoring on basic and promotional tiers
  • Conveying the breadth of channels offered
  • Position Basic package as sports cable replacement

Select Add-Ons

  • Upsell opportunity for other popular sports channels
  • Be clear about channels, price, and language
  • Minimize seams of bundling contract requirements

Check-out Flow

  • Emphasize free trial and not immediately getting charged
  • Convey sense of authencity, security, and legitimacy
  • Minimize friction past "walled garden" paywall and get user to the content