Hello Internet 3.0

Building and coding a blog from the ground up.


I remember making my first website almost 15 years ago. I cringe thinking about that site today. As the internet has evolved through the ages of Geocities, MySpace, and Squarespace, I find myself thinking about starting up another blog.

For some ungodly reason, I have decided that instead of using a popular blogging platform, that I would build my blog from scratch using a Jamstack serverless architecture. As a designer, I've always wanted to develop my chops in actual development. I will be building the blog using Vue.js + Gridsome to generate the static site and deployed through Github and Netlify. I'll try initially writing the posts directly in markup. Hopefully this will give me my much needed freedom to create compelling interactive visualizations. It also has the very slight benefit of being free of charge to host forever.

But seeing as how I've spent more time trying to properly fetch my post list from the GraphQL database than actually writing posts, I may be regretting this decision already.

So here we go.

enter image description here